Here's the list of classmates we have not been able to find anywhere. If you have any clues (parent name or phone number, birthdates, married names, last state lived in, etc...), or know where one of these folks is, please contact someone on the Reunion committee. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to come together if they want to.

You can contact: Mike Suco, Jan Knight Jones, Barry Robertson, or Lee Wood Moavenzadeh. THANK YOU!!

Folks still "missing":

Jimmy Alldredge

Sandy Angelette (Julich?)

Tracey Appel

Beth Beer

John Birchfield

Thomas Bray

Dennis Buchanan

Richard Carroll

Jeff Chamblee

Scott Chandler

Pat Cleveland

Martha Craig

Susan Crosby

Chuck Dalton

Elke Daniel

Tracy Davis

Ernie Dinkel

Blake Driskill

John Engel

Edee Fisher

Maria Garcia Fuentes

Tonya Garmon

Allison GeBott

Mary Gray (Peevy?)

Andre Green

Vincent Green

Terry Harris

John Hemmings

Wendy Hidalgo

Susie Holland

Jane Hornung (Barnes?)

Kim Huet (Gray?)

Kim Huffman

Shawn Jackson

Stacey Jenkins

Marcus Johnson

Angela Knecht

Mark Knoll

Matt Knoll

Darryl Law

Laurie Lewis

Ragan Lockette

Roberta Ynez Madrid

James McLeod

Demetrius Moore

James Perry

Bill Reid

Lisa Robinson

Mike Rockhart

Eddie Saenz

Bobby Schaller

Barry Smallwood

Kim Smith

Tanya Smith (Lindsey?)

Jay Thrower

Steve Walker

Jim Walsh

Romaine Warner

Rhonda Webb

Ben West

Riki White

Ronald Wilbanks

Lewis Williams

Marion Williams

Karen Wilson

Carol Winkler (Mort?)

Gary Wurges