In the spirit of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", I offer the following reflections

Things I Learned at the J.H.S. 20-Year Reunion:

by Lee Wood Moavenzadeh


  • Willie Wilson is still one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.
  • Dawn Anderson Rose just moved back home to Jacksonville.
  • Valerie Carr, and her children, can patiently wait over an hour to be served dinner.
  • Cindy Perdue likes Tequilla.
  • Laura Johnson Allen is smart enough to stay away from the Tequilla.
  • Jim Knight is alot of fun to dance with (just ask Paula Parker Andrews!).
  • Brian Font can be added to the very short list of people I'll allow to babysit my kids.
  • Rich Harrell is NOT a fan of highway construction or repavement.
  • Curtis Williams is still in denial that our football players were as small as the current team's are.
  • Sherry Hill Johnson has an adorable little girl.
  • Three party subs from Subway will feed alot of people... twice!
  • Tim Armstrong can fit 27 hours of activities into 15 hours on a Saturday.
  • Jan Knight Jones has a high school memory book that no one is allowed to see.
  • Donna Robinson is a trip - and the class matriarch!
  • Mike Medley is apparently on a "liquid diet".
  • Earl Siders looks darn good in a hat.
  • Mike Suco conveniently "lost" all embarrassing high school photos of himself [any submissions would be greatly appreciated] and claims he never knew how to "moonwalk".
  • Denis Avans and Denise Avans Rosier still look alot alike.
  • David Parker can dance up a storm (and he has new glasses!).
  • Tuesdae Landry will NOT dance, no matter how many times you ask her.
  • Ralph Butler remembers way too many details from high school.
  • Molly Floeck Howell hasn't changed a bit.
  • Jacqueline Watley Love is still one of the most beautiful women I know.
  • Gary Tavis is not afraid to "shake it" on the dance floor.
  • Bob Barker has a hard time keeping up with the partying pace set by his wife.
  • Greg Ford has a strong appreciation for the special role we as a class have in each other's lives.
  • Cindy Reaves Simonetti and Katie Strange Bondi are REAL CLOSE friends.
  • Larry Abernathy won't dance, even if you drag him out onto the dance floor.
  • Barry Robertson HAD a promising political career ahead of him - until the videotape.
  • Angie Williams knows how a well-timed "booty grind" can help ruin a future political career.
  • Lisa Grider still knows how to do the "Time Warp" YEAH!!
  • Robert Downing does not like to be video-taped.
  • Don Martin can do "the sprinkler" - ALOT!!
  • Our spouses thoroughly enjoyed standing around watching us regress on the dance floor - though, a brave few of them hopped in to help.
  • Peter Howell is a really awesome dad.
  • Hubie Casey does a pretty good "matador" impression.
  • DeRhonda Trantham Ponder is an amazing woman - living a joyful life and doin' it right.
  • Paula Parker Andrews still knows how to make her "tootsie roll".
  • Kim Spaulding just can't party as late as she used to.
  • Scott Johnson is still a big flirt.
  • Eric Collins won't dance to Aerosmith, but he'll dance to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  • Angie Brooks Caylor knows all the words to "Sweet Home Alabama".
  • Robert Ponder is one "white boy" who can "play that funky music"!
  • Katie Strange Bondi received a special award in the wee hours for her "oral contribution" to the party.
  • Even when the party is over, the party is NOT over (it heads to A.J.'s).

and, is it me, or... is it "gettin' hot in here!!" ?!??!!!!