Kim Fuller Craven  


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1037 Blue River Dr.    
Lincoln, AL 35096    
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I'm still married to my high school sweetheart (15 years). We have 4 very busy children. Chris and Drew are involved in baseball year around, as well as the girls in the Spring. The girls stay busy year around with dance, and soccer in the Fall. I stay busy with Mom duties and PTO duties most every day. I work as a charge nurse in ICU at Regional Medical Center in Anniston. I am a Junior in the Graduate Nurse Anethesist Program at UAB. If there is any spare time we have as a family we spend it at home on the lake or at the beach enjoying each other. The twins were the last of our growing number and we enjoy seeing all 4 of them grow up in the same community we did, however many things have changed in this small area. We have no plans to move as long as our business and families stay here.

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