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After three semesters at the Air Force Academy, I decided it would be best for me to move on, so I transferred to N.C. State University (to be close to my family at Ft. Bragg) and have been living in NC ever since. I was very involved politically, first as the only peace-loving, tree-hugging, atheist in the College Republicans, then as a Libertarian, Democrat, and finally Independent. I worked as a lobbyist, ran a Southern Regional Office for a national non-profit organization (ACCESS - encouraging youth to get jobs in the public service sector), managed a couple of political campaigns, then back as a lobbyist - this time for a state government agency. Lots of community service work (youth organizations, environmental groups, women's organizations, race unity efforts...) Then massive personal transformations -- quit drinking ('93), found God ('94), got married ('95), got pregnant (4 mos. later), quit my job for full-time work of raising a family ('96). It's been a long, strange journey, and I've only just begun, but I'm absolutely loving life and enjoying the person I'm becoming.

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