Lisa Grider  


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7104 Stonington Drive    
Atlanta, GA 30328    
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After graduating from JHS, I attended JSU for two years (and got lots of credits toward a degree in partying!) My father was transferred to Colorado Springs so I followed my family there and learned how to ski and party more : ) I moved to Denver and stayed for a few years before I followed my family back down to the south to Atlanta. I have been here since 1992. I love it here. I, thankfully, cleaned up my act a few years before moving here, buckled down, went back to school, and got a degree (finally). I now work for a design firm, and have a small business of my own here in Atlanta designing rediculously expensive kitchens for anyone in the Southeast that is willing to pay me :) I love what I do. It is extremely fun and creative! I couldn't be luckier! My entire family (including my parents, my three sisters, and my 10 neices and nephews) are in the Atlanta area.

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