Paige Howell Hicks  


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Coming to the Reunion?
6608 AL Hwy. 144    
Ragland, AL 35131    
(205) 472-3297    

Married for 19 years next month to husband Kyle Hicks of Ragland Alabama, where we have been living for the past 14 years...very rural area! We have two wonderful sons, Brandon age 11, and Matthew age 8. We are active members of Hill Crest Baptist Church in Saks, and very active with the boys'sports. They play them all! My husband works as an IT specialist at UAB in Birmingham, and I am a Revenue Accountant at Energen Resources in Birmingham. Because of the boy's football schedule, we won't be able to make the reunion, but if anyone is in the Ragland area, or in the Birminham area, look me up!

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